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The safety of STACKCLASSIFIEDS.COM  visitors and customers is important to Us. Although We work hard to make sure you and your information are protected when visiting Our site,  unforeseen events or circumstances may occur.  Therefore, it is in your best interest to take into consideration the following Safety Hints and Tips in order to protect yourself and your privacy.


Use caution and do not share or display personal identifying information about yourself or your family. This includes and is not limited to addresses; phone numbers; social security numbers; bank account or debit/credit card numbers; or any other personal information.


Conduct your due diligence and verify work-from-home or business opportunities to insure they are legitimate.  Good resources to check are your local: Better Business Bureau; Town Hall; FTC Office; or Secretary of State.   And you should never have to “pay” anyone or any company in order to obtain employment.


Use caution and do not make donations or give money to individuals, companies, organizations, or charities unless you know or are familiar with the person; company; or charity.  And beware of organizations or individuals who ask or solicit  monetary donations or money from you.  To check for the latest fraud alerts for scams, contact your local Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection Bureau.






Do not rent an apartment, house, or home without first visiting the location and then determining whether or not the owner is legitimate.  And never mail, deliver, or wire funds to anyone you have not met, or if you are unable to determine their identity.   When making appointments to inspect properties for lease or rental, it is a good idea to take along a friend or family member for security, and to ask questions.




If you are a buyer making an inquiry about an online ad, remember this individual (the Seller) is a stranger to you, and take precautions.  When making a purchase, it is recommended that you meet them in a public place (and not in their home, by yourself); take along a friend or family member; and do not share your personal data or financial information.


If you are a seller, do not display your personal information in an online classified ad.  Talk to and get to know a buyer before they appear at your home to inspect or purchase an item, and be sure you have a friend or family member onsite for any scheduled appointments for inspection (use extreme caution if you are advertising expensive goods or items online).  And meet buyers in a public place when you can.




If at any time you experience illegal or unlawful behavior or activity, or believe that an ad has been placed for an improper purpose (pornography; human trafficking; child exploitation),  then it is recommended that you immediately contact the appropriate government authorities.  We also request that you immediately contact us to protect Our company and website’s integrity if you discover any illegal or unlawful activity or behavior.


By your participation, use, or access of Our website, classifieds, or personals section, you disclaim, release, and otherwise discharge Us, Our employees, Owners, and staff, jointly and severally from any and all actions, causes of action, claims or demands for damages, loss, death, or injury.

This release extends and applies to all unknown, unforeseen or unanticipated injuries, damages, loss, or claims.  Therefore, you hereby indemnify Our owners, officers, employees, agents, and affiliates, jointly and severally from any and all damages, claims, loss or injury.  Classified or personal ads posted by users are not to be construed as Our admission or approval of any uploaded content, nor an admission of Our liability or responsibility regarding said content.

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